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Is Doomsday Around The Corner?

When you talk to some people, they are very optimistic about their future. They seem to have no clue about how their neighbor may be suffering because their home is about to be foreclosed, the husband or “bread winner” was laid off, the wife or partner or live in went from full time to part time employment, the children want to go to college in the fall but their savings and bank account is empty. The optimist doesn’t recognize any of this. Why should he? His world is intact and like a very few others, his problems, if any, are not the breath of air to talk about.

You talk to one who will quote the Bible and say, yes! Doomsday is aroung the corner. It is all written in the Book of Revelations. If you talk to well read people who read one book after another about world politics, history and economics, they may not quote the Bible, but their opinion matches that of the ones who quote the Bible.

Many questions written in capital leaders are being asked by many people and the answers differ like the trees in the forest. Will America survive this recession that began in 2007-2008? Can the national debt problem be really addressed and solved? What about the Real Estate market and all the subprime mortgages and foreclosures? Will the job market really improve? Will the construction industry revive? What is the truth behind the true value of the U.S. dollar? Will China foreclose on America? Will the dollar lose its’ place as the world’s reserve currency? What about inflation? Will we see a double digit increase in food cost? Will our standard of living improve or get worse?

About the author: I am 72! I lived and worked in West Germany for 27 years. I have been involved in network marketing, off and on for about 15 years. I have a blog which relates a little of my life, my thoughts and opinions. There are a lot of photos too!

My blog: www.ANobodyIsSomebody.com

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Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/currency-trading-articles/is-doomsday-around-the-corner-4177395.html

10 thoughts on “Did The Dinar Rv”

  1. Iraqi Dinar RV?…..come on?
    Anybody been on Dinar Daddy’s site? I’ve visited it a few times and got excited about the info. But then I started doing my own research and couldn’t find anything that related to what was posted on their site. Im starting to think its all plain flat out rumors/lies/guesses. Anybody have real info of the IQD RV or a solid place of information?

    1. This web site is clearly a joke & scam. Stay away from this junk.

      Don’t ever invest in anything you don’t totally understand. If you had purchased the Dinar through these people…. it would have taken a decade or two to break even…. if ever (hidden fees and spreads).

  2. Does anyone have the truth about the Iraqui Dinar revaluation?
    There hare many emails about the dinar, if you are an investor, but so much appears to be hype or just plain BS. I know that eventually the Dinar is going to increase just from learning about what is going on in the country. But what about the RV sometime soon?

    1. I hope you didn’t fall for the dinar scam. If you did, you are stuck with a non-convertible currency that no US bank will exchange.

      The dinar thieves have been lying about revaluation since at least 2006. Currency revaluations happen all the time and never produce a profit. If a new dinar is worth 1000x the old dinar, you would have to trade 1000 old dinar to get 1 new dinar. Zero profit.

      Below are three links from independent and unbiased sources; Utah Securities Division, NASDAQ, Better Business Bureau. All info is still 100% accurate.

      If you already bought dinar, here is the info on where to file a formal complaint.

      SEC Complaint Center, 100 F Street NE, Washington, D.C. 20549-0213

  3. Iraqi Budget Approved: Iraqi Dinar Revaluation (RV) follows soon, perhaps by President’s Day? Chase Bank Open?
    Now that the Iraqi Budget is passed/approved by Parliament, does this clear the way for the IRAQI DINAR to REVALUE drastically & quickly?? Iraq economy really the #1 growth economy in the world now that the combat operations are ended and troops are withdrawing? That sounds shocking to me. Now that Iraq has a “clean slate” post Saddam Hussein to begin again with absolutely NO DEBT, it would seem to me to be a great country for global investors to invest in, especially in a world full of nations needing bailouts to stay afloat… especially now that the UN sanctions are being removed and WTO member status seems imminent. Since Iraq has all that OIL to back their New Iraqi Dinars, it would seem that as China and other nations, including the IMF are calling for a replacement for the Federal Reserve Note (aka Bernie Buck$) as the Global Reserve Currency… the New Iraqi Dinar would seem to be a good replacement. Sooner or later??

    Could the Revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar and surge of international investment help to hasten the rebuilding of “Babylon the Great” spoken of in the Bible in Revelation 17-18, perhaps virtually overnight? The United Nations has apparently been entertaining plans to move from New York City to Baghdad, Iraq due to expansion plans, which a cramped NYC can not handle. If the USDollar devalues suddenly as the Iraqi Dinar revalues dramatically, it would seem to have the effect of being the kingpin that begins the domino effect of taking down almost all fiat currency internationally… but currencies backed by something other than just lost “confidence” may stand tall, especially in a debt free country with a currency backed by all that Iraqi OIL. Central Banks and investors always prefer to hold currencies that maintain their value, especially when the value has a trend to be on a steady increase in value relative to other currencies.

    With the above being said, Does the New Iraqi Dinar backed by all that OIL stand out head and shoulders above all other fiat currencies, including the apparently soon to be replaced Federal Reserve Note the FED keeps printing into oblivion? If so, after the Iraqi Budget Approval today, what might potentially stand in the way of an imminent revaluation, perhaps by President’s Day? Might a sudden surge in OIL prices over something like Suez Canal muddling by Egypt and/or Iran hasten the need to switch to a new stable Global Super-Currency needed for nations and traders in THE OIL TRADE? What if the world suddenly discovered that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia really was DEAD? Would that affect the need for some quick answers to restore some kind of “stability”?

    Might Chase Bank be open President’s Day to help many new instant millionaires “cash in” fast to celebrate, while leaving the rest in their brand new Chase Bank Accounts?? Inside Info perhaps?

    I really find all this extremely interesting and prophetic. Thanks for your Opinions and Answers!

    1. Interesting,

      No doubt having the budget passed does open the possibility of a restoration of value of dinar, but as we have also seen, nothing happens quickly in Iraq. With sectarian divide making this a long drawn out event, I suspect it will be months before we see any changes. Talk is cheap, action is priceless, and Maliki has been all talk and no action. Hell, he hasn’t even solved the electric power shortages in all these years as PM, made several statements promising a major change, yet nothing, just the same old BS.

      So will there be a restoration, yes, most definately, regardless of what some may think, there is no way Iraq will remain at this devalued rate, and remember, this is a devalued rate. What is artificially devalued only makes sense that at some point, it has to be returned to a more real and actual value, as in true value, not the current artificially devalued rate. I learned years ago that Iraq had a hudred times more oil reserves than reported, how did I know, a friend works in oil industry in Kurdistan, formerly he was in Saudi Arabia before all outsiders were terminated from oil industry for fear of word getting out that oil wells were running dry, and now the truth is out, Iraq has 500B in proven reserves, sweet crude no less, much less costly to pump and refine, and guess what, Saudi oil reserves have been overstated by 40% according to secret intel disclosed by Wiki leaks.

      Simply put, Iraq will be the wealthiest of all middle east countries in a few shore years, and with the amount required to rebuild infrastructure, meaning outside contractors will be selling goods and services to Iraq, no way will the dinar remain at this artificially low level for much longer, so when, my best guess is by June, but it will be this year, not next or in ten, and it will be higher than .33 per dinar, how much higher, perhaps as high as $1.00 per, but not the $3.32 which has been speculated for years based on the former unqualifed value of dinar under Saddam rule which was essentially an insiders rate, not openly traded on FOREX as example.

      It is just a matter of time, and with total unrest in region of middle east, revolution is just as possible in Iraq as it was in Egypt. The people are fed up with broken promises, and Maliki has to act, and act quickly before he finds his ass hung like Saddam’s was, not for his brutal acts, but the corruption which is why we have seen so many delays in restoring the dinar, so the pressure is on, and will not stop, it will speed up things if nothing else, so stay tuned. With food shortages worldwide, nothing brings out demonstrators and revolution more quickly than when people are hungry. Iraq was the agricultural hub in the middle east, and food is even more important than oil, so is Iraq a wealthy country, yes, more so than Saudi’s, it is just a matter of time and the world will know this.


  4. did the dinar rv happen?
    i heard the dinar rv is this true? if so what is the price for the rv and can somone send me a website that has info on it and the final price

    1. No. Dinar investing is an ongoing scam for 5+ years.

      You have not made a profit. Your money has been stolen by the dinar thieves. If you can still find them, report it to the police and to Securities regulators for your state.

      The truth is found in reliable unbiased sources. Here are 3 such links; Utah Securities Division, NASDAQ, Better Business Bureau. All info is still 100% accurate.

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