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Iraqi Dinar Rising

You must have heard the news that the Iraqi governme 00004000 nt is planning to revaluate the Iraqi dinar. If you are investment-minded, you will contemplate whether to join the band wagon of investors. The truth of the mater is that you can succeed and profit from the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar.

Sanctions have been lifted that previous did not permit, Iraq to do business with several countries. This will ensure the rise and demand of the Iraqi Dinar. The demand will come from the vast natural resources of Iraq. Another factor you will need to look out for is the readiness of the Iraqi government to start this whole process. The possibilities of this investment are exciting on many levels

One of the encouraging factors is the improving inflation rate of the Iraqi dinar. It is well known that for the past thirty years, Iraqi dinar has been very low. The truth is that in Iraqi right now the dinar is experiencing one of the highest inflation rates in thirty years.

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Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/currency-trading-articles/iraqi-dinar-rising-4433725.html

4 thoughts on “Dinar Updates”

  1. Highest and lowest currency?
    on my xe converter on my iPhone I’ve so far found that Kuwait Dinars is the highest and lowest is Cambodian Riels having 1 KWD = 14.301.8974 Riels

    ZWD = $1,281.1526 (I’ve heard they equal to like 250 million US so what’s right?

    This was 2 days ago btw, havn’t updated it

    1. The Kuwait Dinar is indeed worth the most in terms of US Dollars.
      Zimbabwe abandoned the Zim Dollar in early 2009. Any exchange rate you see for Zim Dollars is meaningless. All Zim Dollars are now worthless, and Zimbabwe now uses the US Dollar and South African Rand.
      For the lowest value in terms of US Dollars:
      Vietnam: 19,495 Dong / US Dollar
      Sao Tome and Principe: 18,785 Dobras / US Dollar

  2. Iraqi Dinar?
    Im looking for a really good website that shows the value of Iraqi Dinar? Also, some people say there is one that updates everyday with the value. Can somebody help?

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