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If you invest in Iraqi Dinar?

Many people are claiming that the investment in Iraqi dinar (IQD) is a low risk high return more surefire, get rich quick scheme. Iraq is one of the largest oil producer in the world. The initial investment is very low. You can get a million IQD for less than a thousand dollars. They are in the midst of war and chaos, but things are bound to change (in a positive way). The Iraqi dinar in Saddam 's reign was $ 3.22 per dollar. Soon the value of the IQD will rise and we can make a killing and retire early. Good sales pitch. >>>> Clarification of the smoke screen. The Iraqi dinar during Saddam was not open to trade. Was pegged at $ 3.22. Saddam threw a number out of thin air perhaps. He wasn 't true. New Iraqi Dinar (IQD) was introduced in 2003, a coalition interim administration. At this time it 'll cost him more than IQD1, 200 to buy 1 U.S. dollar. A weak currency is.

Good sales pitch.

>>>> Clarification of the smoke screen. The Iraqi dinar during Saddam was not open to trade. Was pegged at $ 3.22. Saddam threw a number out of thin air perhaps. He wasn 't true. Was introduced by the new Iraqi dinar (JD) in 2003 by the Coalition Provisional Authority.At this time it 'll cost him more than IQD1, 200 to buy 1 U.S. dollar. A weak currency is.

About the author: We believe in Iraqi Dinar. We own Iraqi Dinar ourselves.We strive to provide you with exceptional service and keep you up to date with all the upcoming Iraqi Dinar RV News. We were there for you in the beginning and will be there with you throughout the Revaluation.


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10 Responses to Iqd

  1. rahmed5000 says:

    Can anybody give me the present rate of Iraqui Dinar (IQD) ?
    Is it worth to buy Iraqi Dinar (IQD) at present rate ??????

    what is the fate of Iraqi Dinar (IQD) ?????

    What sort of currency at present people are using in Iraq ??

  2. sean h says:

    who would i be able to exchange my Iraqi Dinar (IQD) with?

    • Billy Nee Mates says:

      When I workd in Saudi most people there were trying to buy it. They said that it would increase in value over a couple of years. It might be worth hanging onto.

  3. unique143always says:

    If i have 500000 iraq dinars and the currency goes from 1 IQD = 0.000866927 to 1IQD = .9988 how much would i?

  4. tony n says:

    I’m 14 and thinking about investing in dinars(IQD) is it a good idea?
    My first time to buy a stock around 100$ on dinars, and I’m wondering if it is worth the investment. I read the news paper and i read that Donald trump has invested millions in dinars and following his steps cause he is pretty confident investing millions.
    1) So will the dinar currency change and convert to a new dinar?
    2)Good idea?
    3)100$ or more? if dinar is worth it

    • takuwan_199 says:

      This is a very known scam by companies trying to sell you worthless currency that will likely not retain any value, unless directly invested in a company. Even if Iraq’s economy was to grow, you wouldn’t gain much because there would likely be higher inflation losing the value of your currency.

      These companies have given claims such as Warren Buffet or Donald Trump buying into such investments which is false. You can read about this scam right here

      And also ask yourself. If people could truly make a ton of money on this, would they let people know, or would they keep it to themselves?

      1) Even if the old dinar changed to a “new dinar”, your dinars would be adjusted to be inline.
      For example lets say you have 1000 Old Dinars. The government decides to change the currency units. 1000 Old Dinars become 1 New Dinar. That DOES NOT mean your money is 1000 times worth more. You now only have 1 Dinar.

      2) Horrible Idea! Especially since you are very young and probably any money you have can be better saved or spent elsewhere!

      If you are seriously thinking about starting to invest, try going to knowledge websites such as The best way to make money by investing is knowing how the system works. At websites such as investopedia, you can learn how stocks, bonds, currencies work and how you can invest in these real investments.

      3) Most likely, if you do this you will lose your money. It is VERY DIFFICULT to cash in what you exotic currencies because it costs a lot of money to find and exchange the money with someone or a company that is willing to exchange.

      Remember, making money easily does not work. It takes effort and smarts to become rich. Donald Trump looked at the real estate market and invested a lot of money to make older buildings become better. There was even a time though that he got it wrong and went bankrupt.

      Good luck! Just be careful out there. There are many people out there trying to cheat you out of your good money.

  5. purnimacresent says:

    what is IQD, for stats..quartiles?
    thankyou for your time and reply :), but what I mean to say is-what does IQD mean? what’s it stand for?
    i’ll give you the points as soon as yahoo lets me :)

    • michele says:

      You can divide your distribution into quartiles by first determining the range of scores (scores must be in PERCENTILES – not raw scores), and then dividing by 4 (each 1/4 of the distribution is a quartile).

      [edit as requested]
      IQD = interquartile distance = range of scores appearing within a given quartile

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