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Iraqi Dinars Revaluation is Near

It sure is near. The Iraqi dinar revaluation is getting close. With all those issued and the resources that the Iraqi country has the value of the currency will rise and is still at a gradual rise already. The currency notes will be soon traded in the international market. Once it gets to that position then surely you will get great benefits from it. Once the currency reaches the international market then its value is certainly increased. If you also like to get the currency that is in that stage and yours is like at the peak, and that currency can reach close to yours, then why not take advantage of the situation? Why not make money with that offer? If a currency has the rate of 100 as compared to single unit (note) of your currency then after revaluation it will have gone like 20 for the same single note of your currency. That is why it is important to buy that currency before it gets revaluated. Once the revaluation occurs, then you will see how the people benefit. If you do not want just to see and enjoy the ROI and be apart of them, then it is time for you to act now, act now and buy Iraqi dinar. Well, no matter what currency it is you sure will like to buy it before the revaluation.

Have you been also looking to buy Iraqi dinar? If so then it is the best time now to get those. It is the best time to buy Iraqi dinar. It is time for you to make that leap and get those. People are expecting that the revaluation might occur in the near future. So now it is time to buy Iraqi dinar. It will only be great if you do it now, once its gets revaluated then the time will not be good for the buying process. Then the time will be to sell the dinars and to buy. Who knows when will the next revaluation be?

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10 thoughts on “Iraqui Dinar”

  1. Im planning to invest in foreign currencies like the Iraqui Dinar?
    What are other currencies that will be good to invest in?

    1. You’re unlikely to be able to invest easily in the Dinar, as it’s a sanctioned currency that hardly anybody trades. Remember that investing in currenices is simply a gamble like any other. Depends what currency you’re starting with also. But for currency speculation, remember it’s the opposite of stocks – you want to buy when the exchange rate it high, and sell when it is low.

  2. Can anybody give me the present rate of Iraqui Dinar (IQD) ?
    Is it worth to buy Iraqi Dinar (IQD) at present rate ??????

    what is the fate of Iraqi Dinar (IQD) ?????

    What sort of currency at present people are using in Iraq ??

  3. Does anyone have the truth about the Iraqui Dinar revaluation?
    There hare many emails about the dinar, if you are an investor, but so much appears to be hype or just plain BS. I know that eventually the Dinar is going to increase just from learning about what is going on in the country. But what about the RV sometime soon?

    1. I hope you didn’t fall for the dinar scam. If you did, you are stuck with a non-convertible currency that no US bank will exchange.

      The dinar thieves have been lying about revaluation since at least 2006. Currency revaluations happen all the time and never produce a profit. If a new dinar is worth 1000x the old dinar, you would have to trade 1000 old dinar to get 1 new dinar. Zero profit.

      Below are three links from independent and unbiased sources; Utah Securities Division, NASDAQ, Better Business Bureau. All info is still 100% accurate.

      If you already bought dinar, here is the info on where to file a formal complaint.

      SEC Complaint Center, 100 F Street NE, Washington, D.C. 20549-0213

  4. whenever the iraqui dinar re vals, can we just go into any bank and exchange it ?
    are we going to have to pay taxes right then and at what rate ??? if we bought our dinars off of ebay, what should we take with us to the bank? and last of all, did kuwait re eval their dinars this year or is this just more hype ?does anyone out there know anthing about this ???

    1. You won’t like the answer, but you have been scammed. The dinar is not a fully convertible currency, so I doubt that you will find a bank that would buy it.

      The only place you can likely sell (at a steep discount) is one of the dinar scammers.

      The revaluation story is a lie. It might happen, but will not produce a profit. Many currencies have revalued and there is never a profit. A “new dinar” might be worth 1000x an “old dinar”, but it will take 1000 of your old dinars to get 1 new dinar. Zero profit.

      The Kuwaiti dinar story is just another lie. You can look up the exchange rate back to the first Gulf War and verify that it never skyrocketed.

      Dinar investing is an old scam, but all of these links are still completely accurate.

      1) Scam alert from the state of Utah securities division.
      2) Warning from NASDAQ
      3) Warning about many dinar-related complaints from the Better Business Bureau

    1. Dinar investing is a long time scam. All the sales pitches are lies. Currency revalation never produces any profit. The Kuwaiti dinar never soared. Iraq joining WTO will make no difference. Just lies from the dinar thieves.

      You would be a complete fool to get involved.

      Below are three links from independent and unbiased sources; Utah Securities Division, NASDAQ, Better Business Bureau.

      If you already bought dinar, here is the info on where to file a formal complaint.

      SEC Complaint Center, 100 F Street NE, Washington, D.C. 20549-0213

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