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When Will The Iraqi Dinar RV?

You can read posts on forums all over the Internet about what may and may not be holding up the Iraqi Dinar RV. Most of it is pure speculation. These folks have no more solid info or clue than you do on w 00004000 hen it might happen!

If you have invested in the Iraqi dinar, you no doubt wonder when the country’s new currency will be revalued and put back on the international stage.

As investors and speculators, we want it done yesterday, or last year! However, on the international stage there is much more at stake. Many believe that the Iraqi dinar could be a BIG part of the plan to pull the world economy out of it’s tail spin. It certainly could do that if executed correctly.

However, let’s look at what we do know.

We know that Iraq can never be a real sovereign nation without an internationally recognized currency. We know that there is a TON of money involved, and that the central bankers of the world stand to make the most from Iraq’s dinar. We know that Iraq has oil, and that many corporations and nations around the world want to get their hands on that liquid gold resource!

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Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/investing-articles/when-will-the-iraqi-dinar-rv-4540999.html

10 thoughts on “Rv Dinar”

  1. Can someone explain if the Iraq Dinar RV is real or a scam?
    I see so much on both sides that this is real and also that this is one of the biggest scams. If you believe if it is real or a scam, will you explain your view in detail. Thank you!

    1. Dinar investing is an old scam that has been kicking around the internet for years. There is a link below from the Utah Securities Division identifying it as their #2 ranked scam back in 2006. Nothing has changed to make it legitimate.

      Many currencies trade with good liquidity like the Euro, Yen, Canadian Dollar, Aussie Dollar, etc. The Iraqi dinar is highly illiquid. That means that it trades at wide spreads. That makes it nearly impossible to profit. You can buy dinar on ebay, but can’t sell them unless you scam someone else. There are no legitimate buyers.

      The currency has changed so many times over the years that it is easy to get stuck with old bills that are no longer valid. Counterfeiting is also a problem.

      One sales pitch talks about how well the Kuwaiti dinar did after that war. Not true.

      Another sales pitch talks about potential revaluation. More lies. If Iraq knocks another three zeroes off the currency, the old bills will be worth 1/1000 of that. It’s stupid, but naive folks fall for it.

    1. If you got an email offering to sell you a huge face amount of the old dinars and promiseing incredable gains when it comes back it is a hoax. The Mexican peso was revaluated some years back and the old pesos are just as worthless as they were before. Might make an interesting wall paper though.

    1. Revaluation is a lie. What part of that do you not understand?

      If you bought dinar, you have been scammed.

      Read the links posted to your earlier question on the same topic. You are better off knowing where you stand rather than continuing to believe the lies of the dinar thieves.

  2. did the dinar rv happen?
    i heard the dinar rv is this true? if so what is the price for the rv and can somone send me a website that has info on it and the final price

    1. No. Dinar investing is an ongoing scam for 5+ years.

      You have not made a profit. Your money has been stolen by the dinar thieves. If you can still find them, report it to the police and to Securities regulators for your state.

      The truth is found in reliable unbiased sources. Here are 3 such links; Utah Securities Division, NASDAQ, Better Business Bureau. All info is still 100% accurate.

  3. Iraqi Dinar RV?…..come on?
    Anybody been on Dinar Daddy’s site? I’ve visited it a few times and got excited about the info. But then I started doing my own research and couldn’t find anything that related to what was posted on their site. Im starting to think its all plain flat out rumors/lies/guesses. Anybody have real info of the IQD RV or a solid place of information?

    1. This web site is clearly a joke & scam. Stay away from this junk.

      Don’t ever invest in anything you don’t totally understand. If you had purchased the Dinar through these people…. it would have taken a decade or two to break even…. if ever (hidden fees and spreads).

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